Why Do I Need A REALTOR to sell my house?

All you have to do is look around your town or city to see WHY you need to have a REALTOR. Properties are being bought and sold every day with the benefit of market research and planning. Often times these two elements are outside the scope of a person who wishes to sell their own home. Sure, you know what kind of equity you put into your own home, but how much did that other house down the street sell for? What kind of pricing is affecting the homes around you currently? Do you know how to reach out to prospective home buyers? These questions all lend to reasons why there are benefits of having a REALTOR-and you’re answers could be extremely wrong.

Benefit 1: Market Research

REALTORS have the benefit of not only searching the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) for you while finding a home or property you might like, but they also are privy to any phone calls that come into the office that might be from new sellers who are wishing to sell as soon as possible without going into the MLS. As a person who is not represented by a real estate agent, you would be missing out on these deals. Agents also have the benefit of researching market analyses of different property types in the area that you are looking to buy or sell in. This is invaluable information as it would go towards how much something is worth.

Benefit 2: Planning and Consultation

REALTORS are the people who have gone through assisting with 100s of home closings and home selling situations. They are the ones to consult with in understanding how to sell your home. Do you keep your animals away when you have a home showing, and how much do you clean up? What do you want to highlight and what do you want to keep in the background. These are all questions that real estate agents can assist with.

Benefit 3: They are on your side

You will never have someone as ferocious on your side to help you buy or sell a home. REALTORS are commission-based for their service fees, but they rely on their network of clients to bring in their next client. Without their network, they wouldn’t have anyone to represent. That being said, they will do everything possible to get what you want. Without satisfying their clients, they would have no clients!

As you can see, REALTORS, offer quantified benefits outside of assisting in purchasing or selling your home. They understand the nuances, the paperwork, and most importantly- your needs.

5 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Sale

Working to get your home ship-shape for showings will increase its value and shorten your sales time.

1. Have a home inspection

Be proactive by arranging for a pre-sale home inspection. For $250 to $400, an inspector will warn you about troubles that could make potential buyers balk. Make repairs before putting your home on the market. In some states, you may have to disclose what the inspection turns up.

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There are many laws that get passed by state governments that few people hear about or know about. The Dannie Lee Barnes disabled veteran property tax relief act may be one of those new laws. Just enacted by the Michigan legislature during early November, 2013, it was made effective immediately but little has been done to get the word out about the law.

For those who served their country and suffered life changing disabilities because of that service, this is welcome relief. The law applies to only those who have been declared to be 100% disabled by their injuries or who have special needs due to their injuries and to those who lives have been so disrupted that they are now essentially unemployable.

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Real Estate Today Celebrates 100th Show

Real Estate Today, the national talk radio show produced by the National Association of Realtors®, celebrates its 100th show this weekend. Now the fastest growing real estate show in the country, “The 100th show is a significant milestone in talk radio, and we’re proud of this achievement,” said NAR President Ron Phipps, broker-president of Phipps Realty in Warwick, R.I. “The overwhelming success of Real Estate Today underscores just how much home ownership matters to consumers. NAR is committed to being the best real estate resource for home owners, buyers and sellers, and Real Estate Today helps us do that.”

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REALTORS® Help Consumers Understand the Value of Green

In today’s economy, consumers are looking for cost savings, and toward this end, REALTORS® are helping home buyers recognize the value of green properties for both themselves and their communities. Author and home-building coach Sara Lamia explained why going green is worth the green at the “Green Labels Sell Homes” forum today at the 2010 REALTORS® Conference & Expo.

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Watch Out for Cyber Crime

Small businesses are increasingly the targets of sophisticated scam artists who take over bank accounts. By Robert Freedman | October 2010

All Bethany Moore did was open an e-mail that appeared to be from UPS and click on an attachment about a supposed lost package. Now she’s fighting to save her small escrow company in Southern California from financial ruin.

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